Aesthetic Physique Of The Week.-

This Physique Contest is completely dedicated to the most Aesthetic Individuals alive on this planet & by applying here; you stand a chance to win apparels worth Rs. 2500, A Free photoshoot by our Exclusive Photographer & A Prize Money of Rs. 5000. Most importantly you will be interviewed by our Brand & the interview will be featured on our website which India's Top Gym & Fitness Clothing Brand.

Warning !

Be noted before applying :

Please provide us Facebook URL connecting to your personal account & not your fitness page.

To enter the contest, you will have to submit clearest possible picture, grainy / possible sign of photoshopped pictures will be rejected.

We suggest you to upload your picture here instead of submitting a Facebook photo link. At times due to privacy settings, we may not have an access to your picture.

If the participant uses any type of fake liker websites while competing, his / her contest photo will be void (Rejected) for terminating our rules and regulations.

Abs shot or Chest / back shots will be rejected. Complete photo must be visible i.e. face & your bare body (front picture).

Black & White Images or Selfies shots will not be accepted.

Do not forget to provide WhatsApp No. for communication.

How does it work?

All you got to do is receive maximum likes on your photo (VOTE). The contest will start in the 1st week of every month and the contestant with maximum amount of likes will receive a pair of T-shirt / Track Pant / Tanks Etc.

Visit following link to vote your friends AESTHETIC PHYSIQUE OF THE WEEK.

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Please read full Terms and Conditions before applying & then fill out the following form.